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Facade Grant

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The Cameron Economic Development Corporation, the City of Cameron, and the Cameron Chamber of Commerce are launching and implementing a Façade Grant Program for local businesses and buildings in need of cosmetic improvements.

In order to increase interest in re-use of existing buildings and to help recruit new businesses and services in Cameron, the Cameron Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) will provide financial incentives for owners to make exterior improvements to buildings in the Business and Commercial Districts through the Façade Grant Program.

The Façade Grant Program will be providing awards for exterior improvements to buildings within the Business and Commercial districts of the City.  Eligible improvements include: store signage, lighting, awnings, windows, building fronts, entries, planters and other expenditures as defined by the Façade Grant Committee (FGC). The Façade Grant Program is a reimbursement program.  All awards shall be retained pending completion and inspection of the project.

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